A Weekend Intensive Study with Angela Jamison
June 23-25 2017
Ashtanga Yoga Minneapolis
3754 Pleasant Ave South, Minneapolis MN

♦ Whole workshop, $170; each individual session (5 total) is $40
♦ It is recommended that you attend the entire workshop.
♦ TO REGISTER: Email ashtangampls (at) gmail.com (please specify whole workshop or which individual sessions), then send payment through Square Cash here. Current AYM students may pay ahead of time with cash/check at the shala.

Friday June 23

6-9pm: Conference

Every year, Angela writes a short letter to everyone registered, requesting a letter in return from those who are interested. Participants usually write about themes and questions they would love to discuss as a group. Some send discoveries or big questions. Those who attended last year can write an update to catch Angela up on their practices (this helps her understand the evolution of this group over time). Some don’t write in, and this is fine too. Responses are requested at least 24 hours before class. The resulting talk will address common themes in the student body, and offer new themes for study and practice going forward.

Saturday June 24

8-10:15am: Surya Namaskara for Holistic Health

The Surya Namaskara are a full practice, accessible to all (through breath and visualization, if not in the body), that can help us gain mental clarity in times of stress and delusion. We will examine specifically how this works through direct experience and through some key yoga texts. How do we use this deceptively simple practice to care for our mental, emotional and spiritual bodies? Through cultivating clear-headed wisdom: Viveka, the goal of yoga practice according to the Yoga Sutras.

10:30am-12:15pm. Guided Primary Series

Angela will lead us through a full primary series, with the traditional Sanskrit count.

-Lunch Break-

1-3pm: Luminosity: Enlightened Self-Care

We’ll generate direct experience of inner light, inspired by the Yoga Sutras’ instructions on absorption of consciousness into “a painless inner state of luminosity and lucidity.” These techniques are particularly natural and easily available to Ashtanga practitioners with some experience of meditating on tristhana. Please prepare for the class by truly studying the breath, and perhaps becoming absorbed by it, during daily practice. Time permitting, we will play with absorption of awareness into different aspects of the subtle body. And, we will discuss the freedom and bravery such practice can generate for taking action in the world. “Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter.”

Bring a light meal for after primary series class.

Sunday June 25

8-11am: Mysore-Style Practice.

Do your usual Ashtanga practice and receive hands-on adjustments and verbal instruction from Angela. Please start finishing poses by 10am. After practice we will have a potluck brunch outside.

aj600Angela Jamison has practiced ashtanga daily since 2003. She apprenticed to Dominic Corigliano in 2007, and was Level 2 authorized to teach by her teacher Sharath Jois in 2011. A former academic, she moved to Ann Arbor from Los Angeles in late 2009, and began teaching ashtanga full time in 2011. She practices pranayama and meditation seriously, and takes annual silent meditation retreats. Most recently, she has spent 6 out of the past 14 months on personal study retreat in Mysore, and is excited for this chance to share reflections on this phase of deepening her practice. For more about Angela, visit ashtangaannarbor.com.


Cancellation Policy: If Ashtanga Yoga Minneapolis cancels this event, registered students will receive a full refund. If a registered student cancels more than one week in advance of this event, they will receive a full refund less a $5 processing fee. Canceling less than one week in advance will result in a 50% refund. 

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