Hello everyone!

Moon days are June 2 and 16, both Tuesdays.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to the news. Those of you who came to the led class yesterday heard this from the horse’s mouth (so to speak), and though I would much prefer to tell you all in person so I can jump up and down whilst I do so, this will have to do.

Ashtanga Yoga Minneapolis is moving!!!

Our home has been at One Yoga for a little over a year, and it has been wonderful. We’ve grown considerably in number and in community as well. I’ve so enjoyed watching you all get to know each other, welcoming new people and organizing social activities.

It’s time for us to move into our own space, where our community can continue to grow while maintaining a little more clarity of purpose: rather than Mysore classes in the context of a studio that has lots of different styles of yoga as well, in this new home we will be a cohesive Mysore program.

There are several benefits to doing it this way: I will be able to develop a more comprehensive on-ramp program for new students, in which they will know more about what to expect and what is expected of them, we will communicate prior to their start date so that I will know who is coming and when, and I won’t have more than one new student at a time. Along the same lines, we will move toward a monthly-only model (though I will offer some class packages initially for people with existing Mysore practices)– no drop-ins (except for students visiting from out of town, and some led classes will be drop-in friendly). Daily practice is where the magic happens (but I’m preaching to the choir, right?).  This will enable me to serve existing students better, especially as we continue to grow!

Oh this space is so amazing. I’m really excited for you to see it. We’ll be at the Center for Performing Arts in the Kingfield neighborhood of Minneapolis, 3754 Pleasant Avenue South. Our practice room M-F is called the Sunroom, and on Sundays we’ll be in the Chapel. The building was a convent in the early 20th century, converted into its current form by Jackie Hayes as studio, office and residence space for performing artists, fine artists, movement practitioners and therapists. The room is a little bigger than our studio now, but not so big that you’ll get lost. And it overlooks a garden. Check it out (I had some company when I went to practice in the space Saturday morning):




The schedule will stay roughly the same, though I’m pondering doing a led format on Fridays as well as a shorter self-practice time. What would work for you? I’m open to your feedback. We’ll still do chanting on Sundays after Mysore, and probably a monthly led class on Sundays as we have been doing. I’ll be leading a few workshops late summer/fall on weekend afternoons, topics TBA.

And there’s mat storage. 🙂

As for the timing: to make the transition as smooth as possible for One Yoga, I will continue to teach there until the end of the spring schedule, June 30. We will have a few days off for the holiday weekend and then 6am Monday July 6, you come to the new space!

I hope you all are as excited as I am about this change. Do you have any questions for me? You know where to find me.


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