Ellie Wannemacher: I am a student of Ashtanga Yoga in the lineage of the Jois family in Mysore, India, where I return regularly for practice, most recently with my husband and 2-year-old son. I was given Authorization (Level 1) to teach the method by Sharath Jois at KPJAYI in February 2014. I have had a consistent yoga practice since 2002 and a daily Ashtanga practice since 2005. I spent 2009-10 practicing under the guidance of Magnolia Zuniga (Certified by Sharath Jois) in San Francisco, and apprenticed with her in 2010. Since 2013, I have undertaken an ongoing remote apprenticeship with Angela Jamison of Ashtanga Ann Arbor, an Authorized Level 2 teacher. Ashtanga teaches discipline, flexibility, strength, willpower, clarity of purpose, and courage. I am grateful every day to be able to practice and to share my love of this method.

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