Do you ever wonder why your Google calendar, or your moon tracking app (I know you have one) tells you a full moon is one day, say a Friday, but you check the page for your home shala and you find that the moon day is taken on Thursday? I was curious too. I’ve been using the moon days published on Tim Miller’s site, because he knows a thing or two about Vedic astrology and I figured he was a reliable source. But several students asked me why the moon days didn’t match up, and I didn’t have a good answer for them. Our very own Bryan decided to find out, so he emailed Tim and got this response: “Traditionally, if the exact timing of the full or new moon happens before sunrise, it is observed on the previous day.”

So there you go! That’s why.

That means, then, that occasionally you’ll be practicing very close to the actual new or full moon (for example, if the moon is at 5:30am, before sunrise, and thus you observe it the day before). So I’m taking that into consideration when setting the moon days for AYM, and observing it same-day anyway if the time of the new or full moon is close to the practice time.

The moon days for the rest of the year:

April 18 New 1:57pm
May 3 Full 10:42pm
May 17 New 11:13pm
June 2 Full 11:19am
June 16 New 9:05am
July 1 Full 9:20pm
July 15 New 8:24pm
July 31 Full 5:43am
August 14 New 9:54am
August 29 Full 1:35pm
September 13 New 1:41am
September 27 Full 9:50pm
October 12 New 7:06pm
October 27 Full 7:05am
November 11 New 11:47am
November 25 Full 4:44pm
December 11 New 4:29am
December 25 Full 5:11am

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