Hi everyone!
Happy 2015! I hope you all had a fantastic holiday season. I certainly did– what I remember of it, at least, as the above photo encapsulates how I’ve been feeling for the last six weeks. My little guy, Malcolm, joined the world on December 10 at 10:36pm. 9 pounds 3 ounces, and 21 inches long. Since then, he’s been learning how to adapt to being out in the world, and Peter and I have been learning how to be parents. It now makes perfect sense that parenthood is called Seventh Series– it’s harder than supta kurmasana, that’s for sure. And for those of you who wanted to know, Malcolm does indeed like being tipped upside down, but no headstands as of yet.

Teaching News

I’m coming back! My first day back teaching will be Wednesday February 4 and I’ll resume all the morning Mysore classes (This includes Friday morning, which will go back to being a standard Mysore rather than self-practice). A huge thank you to Lynn and Bryan for teaching in my absence; I look forward to hearing about and seeing what you learned from them!

Sunday Change

Most Sundays will continue as they have been, with Mysore from 8-10 and chanting from 10-10:30am. On the fourth Sunday of each month, however, we’ll switch it up: chanting at 8:00am followed by a led primary series class from 8:30-10:15ish. I’ll post something at the studio when this is coming up as a reminder, and it’ll be on theAshtanga Yoga Minneapolis facebook page and twitter accounts, as well as in the monthly newsletter, so you shouldn’t ever be caught off guard with the change. The first led class in this format then will be February 22.

Speaking of Led Classes

Check the schedule in the upcoming weeks; Lynn will be adding two led classes, and I would encourage anyone who is practicing through supta kurmasana or beyond to take one led primary series per week, or a half primary series class if you are somewhere in the janu sirsasanas or marichyasanas. Questions? Let me know.

Moon Days

Upcoming moon days for February are Tuesday the 3rd (full) and Wednesday the 18th (new). No Mysore classes on these days.

Changes at One Yoga

Right now there is some re-structuring going on at One Yoga, and I wanted to give you all a heads up that the prices for classes are going up. With the hefty rent that comes with our Lyndale Ave location, the prices the studio was charging were not bringing in enough revenue to make ends meet, so we’re hoping that a small increase will help us stay afloat. You’ll get an email from One today or tomorrow with the new prices; most of you will be affected by the auto-pay monthly option, which is going from $105 to $125. Rest assured that you will be contacted for consent before the new price is charged to your account. Please note that we still offer a sliding scale for those who need it, and work study opportunities are available too!

I am very much looking forward to getting back to the studio and seeing all of you again on February 4!


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