Here are a few interesting posts I’ve come across in the last week or so.

A guest blog by Stephanie Anderson on Ashtanga Yoga Columbus about her personal practice journey. On how Ashtanga has so much more to offer than just poses.

An exploration of working with pain at KaceYoga.

How much should we talk about our own practice experience? How much should we listen to others’ experience? Michael Joel Hall discusses The Paradox of Sharing.

There are some pretty interesting similarities between the myths of Christianity and the myths of the Vedas. Linda Johnsen goes into it at Yoga International.

A fluff piece about early morning practice, but it hits on some of the important benefits: 5 Reasons Early Morning Yoga Practices Rock

An interesting discussion with Seane Corn about yoga, prayer, outreach, and karma on Krista Tippett’s On Being program.

A student question at the Ashtanga Yoga Library: Can I practice if I’m not able to do a particular pose?

Set aside a little bit of time for this one; it’s dense but fascinating. An interview with Evan Thompson at Tricycle.

Oh, just a little writeup about One Yoga in Minnesota Connected.

In the Ashtanga world, Seventh Series is used to refer to parenthood– it’s the hardest of the series. Ashtanga San Diego takes a closer look at what that might mean in Deconstructing Seventh Series.

What are you reading lately?


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