Coming up in a few weeks (May 13-15), Angela Jamison of Ashtanga Ann Arbor is coming to AYM for a weekend of study. I so highly recommend coming to this, but don’t take my word for it! Your fellow practitioners Kristen and Patrick have both been to Ann Arbor and practiced with Angela, and they both wrote a few words about their experience. Without further ado:

From Kristen:

Last summer I visited Ashtanga Ann Arbor (AY:A2) and practiced with Angela Jamison for about five days. I heard so much praise regarding Angela from pretty much anyone who’s met her. I remember Ellie saying, “studying with Angela may change your life”. Powerful words to match a powerful teacher.

Angela teaches with such a high level of clarity and insight it’s inspiring to simply be around her, in lecture and practice. Her depth of experience is apparent and she is equally humble. I noticed in particular Angela has such keen awareness and notices the subtle aspects of practice. I remember her getting down close and listening to my breath pattern in surya namaskar. I learned things from her I still draw upon to this day. Simply put, when Angela shares I want to drink it up with a straw. 🙂 Any opportunity to learn from her is priceless.

From Patrick:

So, a few years back, Ellie sends a mass email about an upcoming open practice for Thanksgiving… She attached Angela Jamison’s House Recommendations ebook, so I figured I’d read it….

A minute or so after reading that ebook, I contacted Angela. I told her about my practice and about my life.

After some emailing back and forth, she ended up inviting me to Mexico to spend a week with her and a group of folks who needed this retreat just as much as I did. I was in a tough spot in my life, and as it turns out, so were most of the others on that trip.

Angela planned it that way. Genius!

I came home with the feeling that those days in Mexico were among the most important I’ve ever spent. Years later, I still feel blessed that things worked out the way they did.

I suppose that’s why I’ve been to Ann Arbor 4 times since the retreat, and have trip #5 in the works. She is that special, and so is the community she teaches.

I am drawn to her smarts, I am drawn to her honesty, and I am drawn to her giant heart.

As a growing ashtanga community, we can learn a lot from Angela. She built one of, if not the greatest Ashtanga communities in the entire country from the ground up, just like what Ellie is doing for us here.

It’s not an easy task, and requires effort from all of us. I think that spending some time with A.J will help us all get a better understanding of why community is important in this practice, and how we can go about making ours just as strong and vibrant as the one in Ann Arbor.

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