One of the things I have always appreciated about this Mysore-style practice is the feeling of community I’ve had in each of the rooms where I’ve practiced over the years. Each program has a different feel, of course, but there is that unifying sense that we’re all in this together. I’ve been fortunate to do quite a bit of travel in the last ten years and wherever I go, I always seek out the local Mysore program. I’ve had so many warm welcomes (from, to name a few, Los Angeles, Lima, Encinitas, Berkeley, Tucson, Ann Arbor, Istanbul and I must also mention my beloved practice-homes in Chicago (Moksha Yoga and Yogaview) and San Francisco (Mysore SF)) that I knew when I started teaching Mysore that I wanted to create a space that visitors from all over could think of as their Ashtanga home-away-from-home. Say whatever you want about putting an intention out there and having it come true, but in the first three months of this program, visiting Ashtangis from DC, Shanghai, Wisconsin, Texas, North Dakota, Toronto, Doha, and Germany have found our little studio.

I started a little tradition of getting “selfies” with these visiting students– always post-practice, of course, to get us at our sweaty best– pretty fun, right? If you’re traveling to Minneapolis any time soon, please join us and you could see your picture up on our Facebook page! (Only if you want.) (No, actually it’s mandatory.) (Seriously, totally optional.) (Required.)

AYM Visitors

And if you’re a Minneapolis-based Ashtangi who’s doing some travel in the near future, I highly recommend seeking out Ashtanga studios wherever you’re going. Start by looking here (a list of teachers authorized by KPJAYI, organized by location). If you have a home studio that you love, please leave a link in the comments!

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