Nearly every Sunday (unless there is a moon day or a special event– check the schedule), we gather as a group and do a half an hour of chanting together.

Weekly Chanting Class– Upcoming Dates
Ashtanga Yoga Minneapolis: 3754 Pleasant Ave South, Minneapolis
March 13– 10am
March 27– 10am
April 3– 8am (followed by led primary series, open for drop-in)
April 10– 10am

These sessions are free and open to everyone– you do not need to be practicing yoga at AYM or anywhere else. All you need is an interest in using your voice to join with those around you and raise our collective vibration. And maybe learn a little Sanskrit along the way.

Some of the chants we do, along with audio links where available:

Yoga Sutras
Sri Mahaganesapancaratnastotram
Shanti Mantras
Primary Series Asana Names
Counting in Sanskrit
Gayatri Mantra
Maha Mrtyunjaya Mantra

See you soon!

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