Welcome to AYM

Hello and welcome to Ashtanga Yoga Minneapolis!

This letter contains some basic policies and procedures that will be helpful as a reference. Read through and let me know if you have any questions.


Please practice at least three times per week. Your monthly membership includes all regularly scheduled Mysore classes (5-6 times per week depending on moon days) and monthly led primary series classes. You’ll also get a discounted rate for any workshops, taught by me or by visiting teachers.


The times below are when I teach. I open the doors a little early (5:30 on weekdays, 7 on Sundays) so you may* practice early, but you must be finished with savasana by the end time listed.

Monday through Thursday: 6-8:45am
Friday: 6-8:30am
Sunday: 8-10am

*Note: new students, please start no earlier than the scheduled time (6am weekdays, 8am Sundays) until we have discussed it. I like to get to know you and your practice — and when I am finishing my own practice, I’m not watching you.


Monthly shala fees are due on the same day every month, for however long you’d like to be a student at AYM. Please pay on time– communicate with me if this is not possible. Checks should be made out to Ashtanga Yoga Minneapolis, cash is fine too (please paperclip with a note with your name), or you can pay online. If you are out of town for 2 weeks or more, talk to me about freezing your month.

Please sign in and pay (if necessary) before you practice. Payment goes in the black zippered pouch next to the sign-in binder.

Cell Phones

Please keep cell phones off/silent and out of sight, unless you are an on-call care provider or there is a specific timely reason (your wife could go into labor any day now, for example).

Mat Storage

Ask me to show you the mat closet, if you wish to store your mat at the shala. Please roll it neatly, keep it tied with something and wash it occasionally.


The first Sunday of the month, generally, we do a led primary series class at 8:30am. If you are new to the practice and are wondering whether led class is appropriate for you, talk to me. Dates are on the website, on the sign-in sheet, and on the bulletin board. When there’s Mysore class, we chant at 10 after practice. When there’s led class, we chant at 8 before practice– exceptions to this will be noted in the aforementioned places. All are welcome to chanting– I provide sheets with the words and will give instruction in pronunciation when needed.

Moon Days

We are closed on new and full moons. These are listed on the website, sign-in binder and the bulletin board.

Bad Weather

If there is a weather event that prevents me from getting to the studio, I will communicate this with you either through email or social media. So, if you wake up in the morning and it’s snowy and you’re not sure the studio will be open, check your email and/or one of the following three links.



If you need to communicate with me outside of class, using ashtangampls@gmail.com is best. Note that I stop checking email around 5 or 6pm and I don’t always check in the morning before I come in to the shala. If you send me an evening message I’ll generally respond the following day or we can chat at the shala.


Thanks for reading. See you on the mat!

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